Where is the Humanity?

Onnolee Brown

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing our own kind, our own species kill innocent people, for yet another time. My mind is in shock, my eyes are in tears as I see the television replay the same news feed over and over explaining Friday's devastating events in Paris.

But it wasn't until I found out about yesterday's events in Kenya, that I decided to finally make a post on this site. You see, I'm currently working on an essay about Humanity for my own purposes. I'm tired of seeing people, people that were kind, people that were just out and about or doing what they love be shot or blown to pieces because a rebel group disagrees with the world. Terrorism has no religion, it's either domestic or foreign and as so many countries try to prevent it, somehow governments are failing to. You cannot blame the Muslims for the recent crisis.

I know many people of several different religions, including the Muslim religion and they are kind. We look at a person, and think "Oh they're a terrorist because they look like a certain race", but we cannot not do that. I don't do that, so neither should you. Please get your facts straight on ISIS or rebel groups before posting something harmful towards a religion or culture.

Like I said, I have friends from different cultures. Heck, my ethnic background is very diverse. I look at our world, right now while sitting at my computer typing and we seem to not truly understand what it means for several countries to be under attack in the same week. ISIS isn't quitting, they're not and they came forward and told the world that a short while ago, as I read in an article. It seems that media coverage is only focused on the big cities, the big populations, the places people know about. Kind of like the recent terror strikes in Beirut. I knew Beirut existed, but no one in my entire Current Events class really cared about them, and what they'd gone through, neither did my teacher. He failed to even recognize them in the long list of countries being terrorized he named off.

My heart goes out to every single country affected by the recent mass killings or terror attacks globally. It's a shame that this is what it has come to. It's been 14 years...14 YEARS since 9/11 and it has taken the lives of 100 people slain for anyone to finally recognize that life is so important. As the French would say, "La vie est belle" or "Life is beautiful", because in all honesty we all deserve a beautiful life and we all deserve respect and compassion. But sadly not every gets any of that.

I believe I speak for the many people out there that just want the world to be silent. That just want the fighting to stop, the chaos to end and the happiness to begin. I know that it may take my entire lifetime for people to come to this conclusion, but at least we as a globe should try and start something now.